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The spiritual harvest from a camping


We were driving the car to a mountain which is a famous place to see the sunrise. It’s 20:00. I watched the trees on the side of the road with a bursting heart.

At dinner, I swiped my phone and muttered ” It should be a nice day tomorrow…the sunrise must be beautiful.”

He gave me a look, “Then let’s go see it.”

I snapped my head up to look at him, “Are you serious?”

“Why not go for it?”

Then, we picked up all our stuff and went out.

“Did we bring the Drone Controller?” “Sure, it’s in my bag, honey.”

“Did we bring something to drink?” “Brought it, honey. We even have breakfast milk.”

“Did we bring our coats?” “Of course… Honey.”

“Did we…” “Honey, we’re just having a night out. Maybe you need a little music to relax.”

He turned on the car CD and played a song.

At about 9:30 the car was parked in a parking lot on the mountain and we had to walk about 20 minutes to the sunrise point. By the time the camping tent was set up and we sat down to rest, it was almost midnight. Because of the walk to the sunrise point, I found that I forgot a bag in the car, and back and forth again consumed a little time.

I thought I would have trouble falling asleep, but I fell asleep as soon as I laid down.

There are no wonderful dreams, but I felt this sleep was extraordinarily sweet.


It seems like I had just fallen asleep when I heard someone shaking me and telling me to get up. I opened my eyes in pain.

“Honey, wake up, it’s already 3:30.”

“Help, let me close my eyes for just a little while longer.”

“It’s beautiful outside at night. The sun is coming up in a few minutes.”

I used all my strength to open my eyes and walked out of the tent chaotically.

The summer evening breeze was cool and refreshing. I was gradually coming to my senses.

Looking down the hill, the lights were lingering and gorgeous. There is a hazy love in my heart when I think that I have been living in that prosperous place, but also very much enjoy the tranquility of the moment.

About half an hour passed. The sky in the distance began to have a hint of white. Slowly slowly, the entire sky is a gradient of color, from deep blue to white to red. The colors were layer upon layer, just as beautiful as the pictures I’ve seen countless times on the Internet. It was nothing like those pictures, the colors on the electronic screen and the colors you see on the display are completely different. It’s stunning, expansive, and majestic. it looks so pure and bright.

The entire sky turned pink. The emotion cannot be suppressed in the heart. For a moment, the crimson thing suddenly gave off a dazzling light, which made people’s eyes ache. At the same time, the nearby clouds also glowed. Eyes gradually moistened, and I leaned into his arms.


To this day, if I don’t deliberately remember, I don’t remember the exhaustion of the road, the tediousness of setting up the tent, and the sleepiness of a short rest. I only remembered that it was breathtaking, with relaxing clean air and a spectacular bright sky. Also, a particularly comfortable mood, and his warm hug.

Harvest of the mind

This brief camping left me brooding, to why such a short sleep makes me feel sweeter and more relaxed than ever. Finally, I got the answer, we are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without the oppression of high-rise buildings. When camping, the body is close to the earth and goes to sleep, breathing the freshest air. The body and mind are closest to nature. No, it should be said that the body and mind have been integrated into nature. This is a feeling that the body and mind have found their home.

So we sometimes don’t have to look for too many articles about camping equipment and camping instructions, bring our tent and some necessities, pack up the mood, and go camping with loved ones. Camping that blends into nature must be a wonderful journey. Because we come from nature.



Hi, I’m Andy, the co-founder of cackokoutdoors.com. I’ve been running a factory in China that makes outdoor products for 10 years. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to outdoor products from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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