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Outdoor Camping Guide

Camping has a primitive and fatal attraction for everyone, especially in recent years. Going to the deep jungle, the wilderness, the beach, the desert, having a date with the stars in the dark night, leaving behind the chores of life and the worries of work, enjoying the time with nature, giving your body and mind a holiday, this is probably why people like and enjoy camping so much. But camping is not a trip that you just go on, there are so many things to prepare and consider that it is never easy for the novice. And it really depends on when, where, and who you will be camping with.


There are always camping enthusiasts on the road in any season, so what are the precautions for camping in different seasons?

There is an old Chinese saying that the plan of the year lies in spring, and in the spring, when flowers bloom and everything comes back to life, people undoubtedly feel the most alive. Take your family and children to a park or lake, listen to the babbling brooks, watch the birds flying across the sky and feel the beauty of life.

But before we proceed, it is vital to keep in mind that spring is a wet season. As such, it is crucial to pick a tent with a suitable moisture-proof mat, wear comfortable shoes, stay away from slick surfaces, and pay attention to non-slip.

Additionally, spring is wet and the weather is unpredictable, so if you plan to be outside, bring rain gear and a warm jacket. Most people love spring because of the gorgeous flowers, but if you have a pollen or willow allergy, you should take extra precautions to avoid areas with plenty of flowers and willow trees, wear a mask, and take anti-allergy medication beforehand.

In the sweltering summertime, it’s important to be mindful of sun protection. Apply sunscreen when camping outside, and don’t forget to pack sun protective gear like hats, sunglasses, and other sun protection products. And in hot weather, mosquitoes are more likely to breed, so bring anti-mosquito medication for outside activities in case you need it.

You can choose a variety of campsites in summer, including seaside, riverside, mountains, and plateaus to enjoy the different beauty of nature. However, there are many thunderstorms and rainstorms in summer, so do not camp on high ground, large trees or in isolated flat areas to avoid lightning strikes. And if you are next to a river, you should be especially aware of weather changes, maintain a safe distance from the river, and keep an eye out for unforeseen circumstances like upstream flooding.

Autumn is unquestionably the best time of year to go camping since the heat is gradually waning and the leaves are turning golden in the autumn breeze. When you go camping, pack thick clothing to prevent getting a cold from the variation in temperature between day and night. Due to the shorter days and longer nights in the fall, it is important to plan your route and start early in order to prevent arriving at your campground after dark.

In winter, the most crucial thing is to stay warm. Bring a warm tent along with storm coats, hats, scarves, gloves, and other warm clothes. If you are camping in the snow, you should also bring sunglasses or professional goggles to protect your eyes from snow blindness.

Unlike the other three seasons, the winter diet also has special requirements. Try to choose high-calorie, fat-containing foods, such as peanut products and canned fish, etc. High-calorie portable products such as compressed biscuits, chocolate, sultanas and beef jerky are also good choices. Select cookware that is lightweight, small, durable, windproof and versatile. In the meantime pay attention to fire safety and choose a tent made of fire retardant fabric is also important.

Apart from to enjoying the snowy landscape in winter, you can also experience activities that are unique to winter, such as ice fishing and hunting. The best choices for equipment during this time include hunting tents and ice fishing shelters, the double-layer jacketed design of the ice fishing shelter can better resist the cold for people to enjoy the joy of fishing while the special prints of the hunting tent allow you to complete better concealment without being discovered by prey.

There are usually three categories according to the applicability of the seasons:

  • Seasonal tents: light in weight, often used in summer, and can not block strong wind and rain.
  • Three-season tents: more emphasis on breath-ability, usually equipped with enough doors and windows to increase air circulation, can be used in relatively mild weather such as spring, summer, and autumn, suitable for high-altitude hiking and mountaineering.
  • Four-season tents: The poles and fabrics are stronger and have fewer doors and windows. They can resist strong winds and heavy rains. They can be used in any season, but they are mainly used in extreme weather. For most campers, a three-season tent is the best option.


In addition to the seasons, camping varies greatly from region to region. So the camping location is very important, because the location determines the different weather, temperature and environment.

High-altitude areas are prone to extreme weather conditions, so be sure to confirm your route in advance and choose a companion who is experienced and familiar with the route to ensure your safety. As signals are often poor at high altitudes, prepare a compass, trekking poles, a light power supply and other first aid equipment in advance. The most important thing at high altitudes is to protect yourself from wind and rain as well as snowstorms. Alpine tents, tunnel tents, fish ridge tents and dome tents are designed for professional adventurers, independent structure, superior wind resistance, stable and easy to build, are the top structure against extreme weather.

Outdoor campers in the desert should take special care to shield themselves from the sun because of the hot, dry climate. To avoid sunburn, people should use additional sunscreen, dress in long sleeves and slacks, and use a sun hat and mask to shield their skin from the sun. Prepare a lot of food and water, and pack extra batteries, insect repellent, and power sources in advance. Gazebo tents and pyramid tents are excellent partners for camping in desert areas because they not only have a large space, which can provide people with a good rest environment and enough reserves of food and water but also have a good anti-ultraviolet function, Wind and sand protection as well as good ventilation. They also help guests have a better camping experience by lowering the oppressive heat of the desert.

Parks and forest areas are a great choice for camping, bring your family and friends on weekends and find a beautiful place to camp and enjoy family, friendship and the pleasures of nature. Family camping is different from hiking or backpacking trip. Family camping generally requires a good level of comfort and enough space to meet the different needs of different members.

There is no doubt that springbar tent, and two-bedroom tent are good choices. And if there are many people, you can even go for a luxurious camping trip in a bell tent. In the inner chamber of the two-room tent, there is space for sleeping, and in the outer room, there is space for clothing and other accessories. The adults can converse and read books outside while the kids can sleep in the inner chamber at night. Both the bell tent and the spring tent are simple to up and take down, and at nearly two meters high, you can stand upright in comfort while the kids play.


The last and most important thing is how many people use the tent. According to the number of people, there are single tents, double tents and multi-person tents.  

If you are camping alone, you should pay attention to your personal safety and camp in a place with a signal, and do not stay far from the crowd. Choose a lightweight tent, such as  single-person tent, two-person tent, pop-up tent, or aluminum pole tent, which are easy to set up and more convenient to carry and store. Be sure to set up your tent at home after you receive it, to make sure all the accessories are complete and to avoid the danger of not being able to finish setting up the tent due to the complexity of setting up a tent without signal and without help.

And if you have the budget, a roof tent is another excellent choice. Instead of hunting for a place to camp, just find a place to park. You are free to travel wherever you want without worrying about the muddy ground.

When camping with a large number of people, we have to choose the size of the tent according to the number of people. Usually, the size of the tent has to meet at least three square meters of space per person in order to give people a comfortable feeling.

It is important to choose the size of the tent, but in addition to this, it is also important that the tent is functional and that it can meet the different needs of people camping, such as barbecues, dinners, watching movies, playing games, etc. So apart from the tent being a necessity, we can also configure folding tables and chairs, speakers, projectors, barbecue grills, hammocks, sofas, carpets, coffee machines, outdoor power supplies, star lights and so on according to our needs.

Cotton canvas tents and star canopies have become a need for many individuals due to their ease of entry and exit, high value, and attractive appearance in photographs. By the way outdoor camping for many people should also pay attention to the safety of fire in the wild, fire mats, and portable fire extinguishers are also essential.

As camping gradually becomes an outdoor lifestyle, the attention and demand for it will also grow. After all, the spirit and experience of the outdoors is the core of camping. People who are truly addicted to the outdoors will always find the most affordable way to get good outdoor equipment, share it with each other and have fun doing so.

The ultimate meaning of camping is not about how much money you spend or whether you have enough photos, but about pleasing yourself.



Hi, I’m Andy, the co-founder of cackokoutdoors.com. I’ve been running a factory in China that makes outdoor products for 10 years. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to outdoor products from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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